Symposium Registration Closing on 12 Apr 2019

There is less than a month till the 12 Apr 2019 deadline to register for the SARBICA Symposium.

Opened by distinguished keynote speakers Dr Luciana Duranti and Dr Alistair Thomson, the 2-day Symposium will showcase more than 40 presentations in 12 moderated sessions. The speakers hail from all over the world, bringing insights and perspectives on archiving in the government, private, and academic sectors.

Check the presentation line-up and schedule for updates!

The programme for Full Symposium pass holders includes:

Welcome and Farewell Dinners
Attendees at the Welcome Dinner will be treated to a performance titled, From Oral History Transcripts to Theatre. A collaboration between the Oral History Centre (National Archives of Singapore) and students from the School of the Arts’ (SOTA) Theatre and Visual Arts faculties, this piece is a dramatisation of the life stories of the Centre’s interviewees. Working closely with the Centre’s interviewees, the students explore and retell their life stories through the construction of memory boxes, containing curated archives of the interviewees’ belongings, objects, photos and documents.

Performances have also been lined up for the Farewell Dinner. Watch this space!
Institutional VisitsParticipants can visit the National Archives of Singapore and the Former Ford Factory or Heritage Conservation Centre. (Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.)
ExcursionThe excursion to the National Gallery Singapore includes a guided Building Highlights tour and a curatorial tour of the National Archives of Singapore’s exhibition, Law of The Land: Highlights of Singapore’s Constitutional Documents.
(Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.)

Only able to attend one of the two days of the Symposium? Single-day passes are available! The registration form is available for download on the Registration Details page.