Message From Chairman, Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives

Warm Greetings and a pleasant welcome to my fellow archivists and colleagues.

First of all, we would like to express my earnest gratitude to all the archives communities and institutions, especially those in the Southeast Asia region that have generously and continually supported the Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (SARBICA) since its establishment in 1968. Over the past 50 years, we have received overwhelming contributions by all parties despite the initial challenges faced in the development and sustainability of archives in Southeast Asia. We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our deepest appreciation to all for your valuable and insightful contributions as well as generous hospitality in the organisation of the SARBICA symposiums.

This year, we would like to thank the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) for taking the initiatives to host the SARBICA International Symposium 2019 with the theme “Rethinking Archives: Reframing Boundaries, Imagining Possibilities”. We know that many archives around the world are already thinking about this topic and hope that this theme will inspire all our participants to share fresh and innovative ideas in providing wider opportunities in maximizing the potential of our archives.

It is also with great pleasure that we will be celebrating the NAS 50th Anniversary (1968 – 2018) at this symposium. The NAS has planned several exciting events including the reopening of its revamped building and it will be glad to share with the symposium participants some of its new facilities and capabilities.

Lastly, we hope that you will find your visit to this website meaningful and pleasant. This site will provide you with the information and resources to keep you updated as well as to provide communication with the symposium secretariat.

We look forward to meeting you in Singapore.

Chairman, SARBICA (2016-2018)




Message from Director, National Archives of Singapore

2018 is a significant year for both the Southeast Asia Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (SARBICA) and the National Archives of Singapore (NAS). We have both turned 50!

Looking back, the SARBICA family has grown to include archival institutions in the 10-member countries of ASEAN. The quality of professional exchanges and collaboration amongst these institutions has improved significantly. Likewise, the NAS has come of age. We are commemorating our Golden Jubilee (1968 – 2018) with a number of exciting initiatives to celebrate with our users, students, researchers, as well as archives, library and heritage professionals. These activities aim to raise awareness of the NAS and our collections, and articulate NAS’ commitment to be a trusted source of information and knowledge on Singapore’s history.

Some of our 50th anniversary activities include a nationwide challenge to transform stories from NAS’ oral history collection into short videos, inviting the public to donate materials of national and historical significance, film screenings, a jubilee photo studio, and two publications produced to showcase gems from our collections dating from the 1800s. One key highlight of our celebrations will be our hosting of the SARBICA International Symposium “Rethinking Archives – Reframing Boundaries, Imagining Possibilities from 24-28 June 2019. It will be our fourth time hosting this international event and it is especially significant next year, as we commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial in 2019.

This symposium will have two keynote speakers namely, the illustrious expert on archival diplomatics and electronic records Dr Luciana Duranti from Canada, and the renowned oral historian Dr Alistair Thomson from Australia. Together with other speakers, they will explore the intersection of privacy, security, and the management and preservation of records and data. They will also discuss the innovative deployment of archives and oral history in citizen engagement. Participants at the symposium can look forward to five workshops on topics including digital preservation, oral history methodology, archives and oral history in art and theatre, preservation of audiovisual materials, and emergency and disaster preparedness for heritage collections. There will be institutional visits, a tradeshow and a hospitality programme which we hope will express our welcome and deep appreciation of the participants as well as impress with the sights, sounds and scents of our island.

The 2019 SARBICA International Symposium will be a valuable opportunity to connect with the experts and like-minded colleagues and we look forward to welcoming you.

Yours sincerely,

Director, National Archives of Singapore